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Internship For BBA at Uniq Technologies


Internship Importance

Internship is to provide an entry-level knowledge to the students while they are joining in as an employee for a company. The entry-level skill will give an assurance on a student to hand over the task and perform it well enough. When a student attends an internship Training in a well-reputed company, the industrial exposure and the knowledge gathered will be higher. A student can get such kind of experience only from Internship offered by Uniq Technologies.

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Why Internship at Uniq Technologies?

Internship ( Powered by UNIQ Technologies ) So why wait? Start your plan today for an internship & make a successful beginning in your career path. The level of training at our company propels student development through a better placement preparation and adds an extra credit in their resume. Internship are great tools to improve your chances as a job applicant and help make you a better potential employee. We also offer MBA internship in Chennai. Think, inspire & grow together!

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Benefits Of Doing Internship at Uniq Technologies

MNC Trainers

Trainers Form TCS, Infosys and IBM

Practical Training

Absolute Hands on Training Sessions


5 hours(3hrs/day) of Training

Study Materials

Quality Training Materials approved

Internship details: ( Powered by UNIQ Technologies )

Aim, undertaking and excellence strategy of the firm

1. Background and commencement of the firm’s operations
2. Types of business operations executed by the firm
3. Product and Services offered by the firm
4. Region of functioning – International/Domestic/District centric
5. Information on its market competitors
6. A brief guide on company’s infrastructural facilities

Categorization of expertise

1. Explain the process undertaken to convey essential skills during training’s and on job sessions
2. Project Works:
Project Work 1
Project Work 2

Organization approach & Organization Strategy

1. Discuss whether the firm is dictatorial or participative including the study of decision making guidelines undertaken by the firm in its every day operations.
2. During internship, should include a brief about a strategy undertaken by the firm to describe it costing, waste reduction, etc

Data collection

1.Analysis and tools utilized
2. Sampling Technique
3. Assessment plan


Internship at Uniq Technologies

Analyzing company profile

Industry summary
Company profile
Types of business operations been operated by the firm

Employee analysis

Workflow Model
Firm Structure
Sub-structure and functional areas

Staff and system

Describe whether the firm follows
Execution system or merit rating
The role and responsibility
The SWOT Assessment of the firm

Research Methodology

Project Topic
Data collection, analysis
Tools utilized, Sampling Technique
Research summary, Conclusion

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