Sai Sruthi S

3rd Year, CSE, CEG, Anna University

Internship at UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES, “a fantabulous experience”. I came here with an intention to have an in-depth knowledge about Android App Development. And yeah, it did serve my needs. I was able to learn the Android App Development thoroughly which I feel would help me in my future, for my Final Year Project. This gave me a practical exposure too as we were allowed to work practically during training period. The tutors too were amicable that made us comfortable to post our doubts. The internship and in-plant training at UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES, is now gaining increasing attention not due to the ostentatious advertisements but mainly because of their flexible time adjustments catering to the needs of the students and the quality of knowledge being imparted. In short, “UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES satisfies the need of the hour for the students, particularly for CSE, since we are given practical exposure to the workspace”


2nd Year, IT, Madras Institute of Technology, ANNA UNIVERSITY

I Swaminathan.V, a CSE student of MIT, ANNA UNIVERSITY, Chrompet, Chennai, has attended the internship programme offered by UNIQ technologies in December 2012. I enjoyed the 2 week internship that was truly fascinating yet highly knowledgeable. Those two weeks were a real eye-opener for me where I learned a lot web related developing techniques. The faculties at UNIQ technologies clearly showed me the way for developing a proper website and taught me the specifications that should be followed during a development of a website. I learned a few tricks here which reduced the time taken to develop a web site. I learnt to use “dreamweaver” for developing websites. I also learned how to work with JQUERY for decorative purpose like the photo slider and how to make the transitions in web pages using flash and JQUERY. The internship was to develop a website for Uniq technologies. This internship helped me a lot to correct the mistakes I made in one of my project for my department. I thoroughly enjoyed working with UNIQ for those 2 weeks. The site that I have developed has been put up online and is available for public viewing. Do check out my website, www.inplanttrainingchennai.co.in. I would recommend UNIQ technologies to all the people who are interested in web designing.


2nd Year, ICE, NIT, Trichy

While searching for the right course to do during the summer vacation after my fourth semester, I stumbled upon Uniq Technologies' website. With a friend, I went in person to enquire about the IPT/ Internship programmes offered here. We opted for the Internship on MATLAB, and had no regrets later! A project was assigned, and we were effectively guided to build it successfully. Working on Image Processing techniques and GUI proved to be academically helpful, too. Just not this, but it also provided a wide platform to get familiar with the Matlab software, and master the same in a short span of 10 days. The knowledge gained was humongous, and the satisfaction is immense. On the whole, it was a terrific learning experience. I am glad that the 10 days here proved to be fruitful. Thank you, Uniq Technologies!


3rd Year, ECE, ANNA University - CEG

Hi, I am prasanth doing my BE in ECE (4th year) from Anna University(CEG). I take this opportunity to thank Uniq Technologies for providing a superb learning experience through their inplant training programme. I got to learn a lot about the website designing and hosting concepts with the help of their faculty. Each one of the Uniq team not only ensured that we understood the concepts well but also made sure that we implemented each of them to understand it practically. The teaching methodologies are very "smart", i actually mean it, as it is the perfect place if you want to learn all your concepts thoroughly with a practical approach. I am pleased by the motivation given by each one of them at Uniq. Thanks a lot !!! I am looking forward for a even better experience with their java programme that i have enrolled for.


2nd Year, ICE, NIT, Trichy.

I’m Akshaya, a second year student of NITT. Dejected that I was wasting my time in my summer holidays, I started searching for courses or ipts provided by various institutions and companies and I came across UNIQ technologies. Impressed by the areas they offer training in, I went to the company directly and enquired and was convinced that I would take up an internship programme on MATLAB. And my experience in the internship did not disappoint me at all. In fact I was extremely satisfied with what I could learn. It gave me opportunities to innovate on various ideas and become extremely well versed with the software MATLAB, about which I hadn’t known even the basics before my internship. I’m sure this is going to help me a lot in my academics and in my workplace as it gave me great exposure and a good working atmosphere. I thank UNIQ technologies for giving me this great opportunity of learning and for the experience I gained.

Josephine A G Patricia, DivyaKumari

3rd Year, ECE, Pondicherry Engg College

The internship at UNIQ technologies on MATLAB was a wonderful learning experience. Hands-on experience on MATLAB was really helpful in the learning process. Image processing was until then Greek and Latin for us. The practical training provided by the professional experts at UNIQ introduced us to the different aspects of image processing. We ended up doing a mini project on the same. We were made to explore things on our own, but of course, with guidance. Professional environment around provided a feel of corporate work culture. The 5 days internship has inspired us to the extent that we are planning for another internship during the next vacation at “UNIQ”. The staffs there at UNIQ clearly knew what the MNCs expected from the prospective students and modelled the training accordingly. Once I learnt how the companies operate and what job an engineer does there, my trepidation for the oncoming campus interviews lessened. With the confidence the training gave me, I sat for the placements with a renewed energy and got successfully placed with Cognizant Technological Solutions and Wipro Technologies. Yes, I got dual job. My IPT certificate issued by UNIQ and the mini project added to my resume and it made the interviewers see me in a special light. Though I prepared rigorously for the placements, I owe a part of my success to UNIQ.


3rd Year, CSE, St.Joseph's College of Engineering

With the advent of software technology in the present world, the future is bright for the computer science engineers. Though the recession saw several engineers lose their jobs, the competition to enter into a reputed software firm has only been gradually increasing. I realized that only textbook knowledge will get me nowhere and decided to an in-plant training in a reputed company. So I chose UNIQ. I never regretted doing my IPT there and it was an eye-opening experience for me. My training spanned for about ten days and I learnt a lot in those ten days.

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